Denby Pottery

Restaurant of the Year


Making good food look beautiful is one of Denby’s core values so we were excited to be given this opportunity to sponsor The Derby Food and Drink Awards 2017.

Denby frequently commissions research to get closer to consumers and their dining habits, and one trend uncovered by Denby some time ago, and now well-documented, was the rise of the UK's ‘bowl culture’; the move away from using plates to bowls for many dining occasions both in restaurants and at home.

It is a trend which now sees Denby sell more pasta bowls than dinner plates for the first time in its history!

Further research (and very importantly for Restaurateurs), has shown that nearly half of Brits think the way their food is presented is just as important as how it tastes.  As trends move away from plain white ware into more interesting plates and bowls which showcase dishes in both hospitality and in the home, Denby’s artisan handmade ranges of beautiful and unique tableware are eminently placed.  

Denby has been raising Derbyshire’s profile for over two centuries and has been part of everyday life and special occasions both in the UK and overseas as a beautiful canvas for all kind of cuisines. The hardy Derbyshire clay, the secret glaze recipes and the generations of craftsmanship along with the magic that happens in the kiln creates a parallel with the work of the chef - quality ingredients, expertly combined then brought out of the oven to create memorable food and drink moments.  

It is this constant desire to create these moments and evolve the offer to meet the needs of a changing consumer which keeps businesses on their toes, and for the nominees in this year's Derby Food and Drink Awards, this will prove no exception!

We look forward to being part of Marketing Derby's 2017 Awards and honouring Derby’s great food and drink scene.