The University of Derby

Best Out of Town


The University of Derby believes that the future of the region is best secured when we work together.

We receive a great deal of support from local industries and organisations and we are always looking for ways to “give back” to our local businesses.

We are pleased to be offered the opportunity to sponsor the Derby Food and Drink Awards 2017 because we recognise the great quality service of our local restaurants and food and drink companies.  

More importantly it allows us to acknowledge the value these businesses bring to our local community by providing economic opportunities through local jobs, supporting placements for students and a great social experience.  

Above all else they provide a pulse through the heart of the city and surrounding areas and become the things we see, the places we go and the things we talk about.

Furthermore, we like to celebrate not only the old but also the new.

We recognise the importance of not only continuing to support those established businesses but to encourage and recognise the achievements of enterprising food and drink companies to find their feet and etch themselves into the canvas of Derby.

It is the responsibility of us, as a university, to get involved with great events like the Derby Food and Drink Awards in order to become more engaged with the community and benefit not only ourselves but those that we work and interact with.
Plus who can turn down the opportunity to judge some of Derby’s most tantalising and tasty food and drink produced locally!